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Triphala Gheee, 50 ml

For the Kaash-footmassage

Triphala Ghee combines the properties of Triphala and Benefits of Ghee (clarified butter). Ghee is considered a very good way to balance Pitta. It gives all your senses force and strengthens especially the sense of sight. The memory, the life energy (Ojas) and the body's ability to heal wounds benefit equally from Triphala Ghee.

Triphala Ghee can be applied externally and internally. Externally it can be used as an ointment or as eye and nose drops. Especially for the Kaash massage feet with a Kaash shell itself Triphala Ghee is ideal. Very good experiences have been made with rosacea. Thanks to the Pitta-balancing ability of Triphala Ghee it is suitable for a use in a burning sensation in the body, hands and feet. The eye treatment - Netra-Tarpan- will be exclusively carried out with Triphala Ghee.

Internally Triphala Ghee is traditionally used in the preparatory phase of an Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment. For a relaxing or health cure at home can Triphala Ghee be used for internal "oiling".

Triphala Ghee is not the same as "ghee mixed with triphala powder". Like the classic Sidha oils, Ayurvedic Triphala Ghee is produced in a complex manufacturing process. A sixteenth of triphala decoction is long cooked with ghee until the water has evaporated. As with Sidha oils, care and attention play a central role in the preparation.

Ingredients: Ghee (clarified butter), Haritaki, Bibitaki, amlaki.

Contents: glass with 50 ml.
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