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Therapeutic Gong - Dr. Yogi CD

Therapeutic Gong - Dr. Yogi CD

by Hari Simran Singh

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Therapeutic Gong by Dr. Yogi (Hari Simran Singh) is a deeply effective Gong CD with masterly played sounds of the gong, divided into four major cycles.

Sun and Son
Let go! Relax. Be comfortable. Lie down. Breathe deep, long and slow. This selection awakens the Inner Light and stimulates the soul. Become aware of your breath; slow the breath to four per minute or less. As you inhale, allow your belly to rise. Through your own command, relax the tension of your abdomen. Lie down with your arms by your side and the palms up and breathe with a long deep breath. Do not move. Breathe through the nose. Please relax!
Through the polarities of your mind, and across the ocean of doubt, there lies an island of peace, dignity and divinity. The brain is designed in two halves and is by nature in painful duality. Through the pathways of logic, the intellect creates stress in this dual universe. As you inhale, hear the word "Sat" and as you exhale, hear the word "Nam." Listen to these sounds as you breathe. Allow these sounds to eliminate the painful polarities of life. "Sat" means truth and "Nam" means identity. "Sat Nam" is the identity of the truth which is you. Allow the universe to be in its perfection, as it is now. Allow, Allow, Allow the universe to spin around you, with you at the core, and without you doing anything. Be you! Relax.

Relax your body. The essence of you is not this physical vehicle, nor is it the mind. You are your soul. When your mind is relaxed, and your senses are aware, you have the capacity to conceive infinity. When you dwell in the identity of your soul, the frequency of you and the universe is the same. Relax and dissolve any restrictions. Breathe slowly, once every minute.

All that remains is you! Relax and accept your infinity. Accept your successes.
In the beginning there was you.
Throughout time there was you.
And in the end there is you!


  • Sun and Son (15:35)
  • Wave (15:39)
  • Seed (16:25)
  • Avtar (15:38)

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