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The Seal Of Higher Destiny - Gurunam CD

The Seal Of Higher Destiny - Gurunam CD

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This is a Naam that projects the mind beyond the realm of everyday earthly consciousness into the infinity of the cosmos and awakens the soul to one's higher destiny. As all things are included within it, this mantra allows you to understand the greatness of He who spoke and brought the Universe into being. It brightens your energy, wipes out karma, and increases your sense of personal relatedness to the infinite identity.
Track 1 is very flowing, relaxing, with soft instruments. The full Mantra "Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru" is chanted almost monotone and long which makes it go very deep. Track 2 is more rhythmical, with tabla, and the mantra partly chanted, partly sung.


Eck Ong Kar (Version 1) 31:25
Eck Ong Kar (Version 2) 31:07

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