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Soul Songs - Bachan Kaur CD

Soul Songs - Bachan Kaur CD

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This album is a soul-filled blend of Gurmukhi Shabads (Devotional Sikh songs) and English songs. The melody and vibration of each song came to life while on her bicycle, walking in the forest or in meditation. She received so much joy and love from singing these sacred songs that she wanted to share them with the world. The songs were recorded with deep prayer and bliss in her bedroom.

Each song is unique and provides the space for relaxation into the soul. The simplicity and rawness of the sound makes them all the more real, and increases their capacity to penetrate the heart. Bachan Kaur's fine voice is accompanied by the Guitar as well as some tabla by a friend Harnarayan Singh and other electronic and organic sounds composed by the artist.

Bachan Kaur's creative spirit of song began to move again at the age of 16, when she started to learn the guitar and write and record songs. Around 18 she discovered the sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga and a few years later the path of Sikh Dharma. This path was like the vessel that the soul had been longing for, to deliver the sound current that flows within. As a self- taught musician, the gift in Bachan's music is her simplicity, purity and devotion.

1. Amrit Naam (23:48)
2. Ik Ardaas (11:27)
3. Being Nothing (08:26)
4. Bountiful, Blissful, Beautiful (14:21)
5. Brightest of Eyes (14:12)
6. Happy Guitar Angel (03:20)

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