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Sharkara Ayurvedic Sugar, 500 g


Ayurveda describes many types of sugar. Sharkara is considered the most valuable type. The intensive recrystallisation process ensures that the sugar has an exceptional level of purity.

Sharkara is a unique ayurvedic sugar, specially produced in India. It is produced by a complex process in small factories under the supervision of the Ayurvedic advisers Dr. Kirit Pandya and Dr. Prerak Shah. The production process originates from both the classical Ayurvedic texts and the family traditions of our Vaidyas (Ayurveda doctors). This royal sugar only has its exceptional qualities when exactly following the defined production guidelines.

Sharkara is very mild and according to Ayurveda has a harmonising effect. The acid producing parts of cane sugar are mainly found in the joints and roots of the plant. Cleaning and the slow process of re-crystallisation remove these toxins. During production about 1/3 of the volume is lost. The light yellow, uneven crystals that are left after crystallisation are dried in the hot sun of the Indian summer. This process ripens it and gives it Ayurvedic potency. Finally it is crushed into smaller pieces and ground to a powder.

At the end of the refining process any normal sugar is usually bleached with sulphuric acid, which destroys any Ayurvedic qualities. Genuine Sharkara ayurvedic sugar by Classic Ayurveda is not treated in this way. This can be seen from its light grey colour. It has an almost neutral pH-value.

Net Weight: 500 g.

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