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Sacred Chants of the Sikhs - Craig Preuss & Dya Singh CD

Sacred Chants of the Sikhs - Craig Preuss & Dya Singh CD

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Continuing the mission of presenting spiritual, ancient chants of the ancient Sikh tradition, Sacred Chants of the Sikhs is a fusion of producer Craig Pruess' unique sound and Dya Singh's resonant and devotional voice which is truly one of a kind. Framed within an ethereal sound space, this selection of mantras and chants includes "Mahan Mantra", "Waheguru", "Anand" and "Tu Thakur". The arrangements are very spacious and feature the masterful Indian Bansuri flute-playing of international maestro, Pt Ronu Majumdar.

Light a candle, sit and close the eyes: here is another musical journey that takes you deep inside, to the absolute still point, Shuniya.


  • Anand (10:06)
  • Guru Darshan (7:13)
  • Hukm Nama (7:52)
  • Mahan Mantra (21:41)
  • Tu Thakur (4:16)
  • Waheguru (16:02)

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