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Pitta Balance herbal purée Maharishi, 600 g

Pitta Balance herbal purée Maharishi, 600 g

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If you are are firy Pitta type, or if you often see yourself confronted by the heaty challenges of everyday life, this Pitta Balance herbal puree by Maharishi Ayurveda is the perfect food supplement for you!

The ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda associates a number of characteristics such as hot, spicy and sour with the transformative Pitta-Dosha and explains its influence on our energy- and warmth-balance as well as our metabolism and digestion.
A balanced Pitta-Dosha shows through balanced emotions as well as a clear and potent intellect. Many factors can disturb that balance and increase the Pitta Dosha accordingly: The heat of the summer, our nutrition and work, and to a large extend also outer influences such as stress situations, tension and anger.

The Maharishi Pitta Balance herbal puree helps you to stay cool when everything around you gets hot.

Raw cane sugar, water, 9 % ayurvedic herbs (Benincasa hispida, Amalaki fruit, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, Nagastree, bamboo juice, nutmeg, saffron), Ghee (purified butter from cow milk).

Contents: 600 g.

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