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Ocean - Mirabai Ceiba CD


With their wonderful chants and songs on their album Ocean Mirabai Ceiba carry you on a gentle tide of harp, acoustic guitar, cello, bansuri flute, tablas and the delicate interweaving of Gurmukhi mantra with English, and Spanish lyrics.

Mirabai Ceiba is a partnership between Angelika Baumbach and Markus Sieber, whose perfect union is revealed as they weave in and out of their songs with the lightest of touches. Angelika’s crystalline voice floats above the music as she plucks delicately on her harp.

Markus plays acoustic guitar with a bright Spanish style, and his gentle voice adds a rich depth to the music. Thomas Barquee’s expert production showcases their music in this album that is the perfect companion for yoga, relaxation, meditation and healing.

1. Ardas Bhaee (08:22)
2. Ocean (08:03)
3. Sa Re Sa Sa (07:21)
4. Ajai Alai (10:48)
5. Ant Na Siphatee (07:24)
6. Song to the Pleiades (Aap Sahaee Hoa) (08:42)
7. El Eterno Sol (Long Time Sun) (02:58)

More information on Mirabai Ceiba:
Music for Meditation from Mirabai Ceiba

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