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Mountain Sadhana - Mirabai Ceiba CD

Mountain Sadhana Mirabai.jpg
Mountain Sadhana is one of the most popular Sadhana CDs of all times - and you will love it once you have heard it, because the Kundalini Yoga morning meditations performed by Mirabai Ceiba, this is the gifted singer and harpist Angelika Baumbach and guitarist Markus Sieber, is carried by such sweet and devotional singing while being carried lightfully by instruments such as harp, guitars, piano, percussion, bass, keyboards and flute.

Gentle melodies, sometimes soft and sometimes with dynamic rhythms, guide you into the dawn of a new day abnd insopire you from inside. As a special, this CD contains a beautiful version of the "Wake Up - Rise Up" Song!

More Information about Mirabai Ceiba you will find here: Meditation music by Mirabai Ceiba

  • Rise Up! (4:05)
  • Waah Yantee, Kar Yantee (6:50)
  • Mul Mantra (7:02)
  • Sat Siri, Siri Akal (7:04)
  • Rakhe Rakhanhar (7:14)
  • Wahe Guru Wahe Jio (21:59)
  • Guru Ram Das Chant (5:12)
More information about the author or artist, about the product or the publisher/producer: www.satnam.eu/mirabai-ceiba.en.php.
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