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Mind and Meditation - 4 DVD-Set, Yogi Bhajan

Mind and Meditation - 4 DVD-Set, Yogi Bhajan

Lectures & Meditations by Yogi Bhajan

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Set with 4 DVDs with selected lectures of Yogi Bhajan (language: english). This DVD-set is also being used for the Teacher Training.

Lectures include:
· Break the Mind’s Hypnotic Trance
· Awaken Your dormant Human Consciousness
· Being Human Is Being Intuitive
· The Science of Shuniya
· Be Happy, Be Neutral
· Stop Your Mental Games
· Develop Your Mental Strength

Each lecture includes a meditation led by the Master, Yogi Bhajan. This particular series has a profound meditation called Parbati’s Kriya. With the guidance of Yogi Bhajan, you will reach a profound state of shuniya and have an opportunity to experience the blue pearl at the tip of the nose, written of in the Vedas.

Language: English.
Info program/teaching program - no age restriction

The Mind and Meditation DVD-Set ist also available with german subtitles:

Mind and Meditation – Yogi Bhajan, 4 DVD Set, mit deutschen Untertitlen

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