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Kundalini Yoga & Music Festival Oberlethe 2017 (Info)

Kundalini Yoga & Music Festival Oberlethe 2017 (Info)

24. - 28. May 2017, Hof Oberlethe, Northern Germany

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The Kundalini Yoga & Music Festival Oberlethe offers participants, yoga teachers, musicians and artists from the Yoga community a platform for a unique spiritual-musical experience which is reaching beyond normal workshops or concert events.
At the beautiful, vast property of the Hof Oberlethe in northern Germany (near Oldenburg), 400 – 500 participants, famous and new yoga teachers and artists from Germany, Europe and around the world gather to celebrate the beauty of Kundalini Yoga as well as the sacred sound current of Mantras, devotional songs, dance and other spiritual musical performances.

The energy and atmosphere which are being created are very profound and unique, supported by the actively participating audience and embedded in the vast program of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Workshops and games which are part of the Festival throughout.

The Kundalini Yoga & Music Festival Oberlethe is organized by the Guru Ram Das Academy in cooperation with Sat Nam Europe, and stands under the patronage of 3HO Deutschland e.V., the association of Kundalini Yoga teachers in Germany.

Please click on the following link to get more info and to book your ticket:

(Clicking on this ticket-link will bring you to the website of 3HO Deutschland e.V. (3HO Germany), where all tickets are centrally booked and administrated. The ticket price varies depending on how many days you wish to stay.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ticket for the German Kundalini Yoga & Music Festival can only booked through this link of 3HO Deutschland e.V.!

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