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Kara One Edge Ajai Alai, 40 g

Kara One Edge Ajai Alai, 40 g

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The Kara, a special bracelet, is handcrafted in Amritsar, India, and is made of 100 % stainless steel. Its high polish is achieved without the use of chemicals or chrome plating. The Kara is hypo-allergenic, rust proof, and guaranteed to arrive without imperfections.
The weight of the Kara may vary slightly, depending on the size.

This Kara is available in the following sizes:

  • XS: inner diameter approximately 5,8 cm.
  • S: inner diameter approximately 6,4 cm.
  • M: inner diameter approximately 7,3 cm.
  • L: inner diameter approximately 7,7 cm.

This Kara has a hand engraved mantra written in Gurmukhi, a language with roots in the 4000 year old Sanskrit.

The classical One Edge-form of this Kara consists of two small, perfectly rounded edges at each side, giving it a special comfort for wearing, ending in a single, slightly rounded edge towards the outside.

Ajai Alai Mantra which is part of the Jaap Sahib, a powerful morning prayer of the Sikh tradition. Jaap Sahib is very energizing, and the Ajai Alai mantra is a unique and very powerful mantra-jewel. It is carved on the outside and reads:

Ajai, Alai, Abhai, Abai.
Abhoo, Ajoo, Anas, Akas.
Agunj, Abhunj, Alakh, Abhakh.
Akal, Dayal, Alaikh, Abhaikh.
Anam, Akam, Adhah, Agah.
Anathai, Parmathai, Ajoni, Amoni.
Na Ragai, Na Rungai, Na Roopai, Na Raikhai.
Akarmun, Abharmun, Agunjai, Alaikhai.

Translation (the attributes refer to God, the Divine, Universal):

Impregnable, Indestructible, Intrepid, and Immortal.
Uncreated, Perpetual, Imperishable, Permeates everywhere.
Impregnable, Indestructible, Invisible and beyond desires.
Immortal, Compassionate, Unattired and beyond portraiture.
Beyond name and desire. Unfathomable. God cannot be demolished.
Transcendent Master, Destroyer of all, beyond birth and death, not without sensation.
Beyond attachment, beyond colour, beyond form, immaculate.
Beyond deeds, Indubitable, Impregnable, beyond portraiture.

History and use of a Kara:
The Kara is originally a bracelet made of iron or steel and was first given by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the 10th Sikh Master, in 1699 as one of the 5 K's of the Sikhs - a powerful protection and radiant symbol for the one who wears it.
A circle with no beginning and no end, the Kara represents man’s unbreakable relationship with the eternal creator and the Infinity. The steel or iron is a reminder of the strength of the bond which unites us together and ultimately to the Divine.

A Kara is not only a spiritual or religious garment, it is a powerful jewel of radiance, enhancing your personality and presence. In the science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, the Kara is also valued for its energetic-magnetic effects on the Aura – strengthening the male or active energy when worn on the right hand, and the female or more receptive energy when worn on the left hand.

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