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For the active Woman Rasayana, 30 g

For the active Woman Rasayana, 30 g

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 early 03 / 2019
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For the active Woman Maharishi Rasayana is a special food supplement for women which, according to ancient ayurvedic scriptures, supports the female physiology when overloaded or under stress. This herbal food supplement combines selected plants in a balanced relationship, based on Ayurvedic principles which have been used in women’s health for thousands of years in India.

Instructions for use:
1-2 tablets 2-3 times per day with warm water or warm milk.
With 4 tablets a day, the daily dose contains 1200 mg herbs, 480 mg herbal extract, 83 mg calcium(10% of the RDA), 11 mg ijzer (81% of the RDA), 11 mg magnesium (4% of the RDA).

60% herbal extract (Indian asparagus, lodh tree, ashoka tree, mango, sensitive plant, spreading hogweed, sacred fig, sappan wood), 24% herbs (cobra's saffron, Pavonia odorata, Indian aconite, nut grass, tellicherry bark, sacred lotus, white sandalwood, chebulic myrobalan, cumin, ginger, long pepper, wintercherry), shilajit, binder (Acacia gum), coral powder (Corallium rubrum), ayurvedic iron pyrite, starch of cornflour (glutenfree), mineral (calcium carbonate), lubricant (talcum).

Contents: 30 g / 60 tablets.

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