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Aap Sahai Hoa - Gurudass CD

This mantra meditation from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is a gift to you that will let you penetrate into the unknown without fear. It will give you protection and mental balance.

Aap Sahaaee Hoaa
Sachay Dhaa Sachaa Dhoaa
Har, Har, Har

The Lord Himself has become our protector,
the Truest of the True has taken care of us.
God, God, God.

To use the Naad - the soundstream of this mantra - and strengthen your mind, do this meditation each day for 62 minutes. Do it for 90 days. Then you will know the practical experience and power and miracle of the spoken word.

This mantra is very simple and the music is gentle, rhythmic, composed in one of the sweetest melodies ever made. If you sing along and do it very nobly it will be extremely helpful. Whenever you are effective and create a success in your life, you also must generate some opposition and animosity. That is called the Law of Polarity. It is called facing a square in your life.

This meditation will totally eliminate enemies and block the impact of animosity forever. It can give you mental self-control and let you command your five tattvas for effective living.

Longplay-Version of this Mantra: 62 Minutes.
Composed and performed by Gurudass Singh, Gurudass Kaur.
From the original album Circle of Light.
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